Who are we?

Altered State Records is a small independent record label established in the summer of 1999 by ‚ÄčLinda Vigil‚Äč and Greg Grant.

What do we do?

We are a music label that promotes experimental sound waves. Providing inspiration and support to those who are willing to put themselves on-the-line to expand and affect change. We pride ourselves in being what we can be in this current moment of uncertain, unstable and unexplainable situation of life.

Why do we do it?

To abandon the superficial elements of the commercial music business. To re-establish the simplicity of music. To have fun - because there is so much more out there than imaginable. To be able to promote music and reach out to things with an explorative consciousness; just fills us with an unbelievable joy.

Our Beliefs.

We believe that music is about the music, not about all the other concerns that are currently eating away at it. We believe in freedom and expression, that there are no limits to the creative realm.

Our Goal?

To keep things simple and honest, to bring real music back into the mainstream by taking over the airwaves with music that is made for music's sake, not for mass profit. We want to help those who are zombitized with some corporation's idea of what popular music is and bring them back around to music that is other than "pretty people singing to prearranged-musical-like sequences".

  • Montana Record Label

Greg Grant

For more information visit GregGrantMusic.com or listen on Spotify

Linda Vigil

For more information visit LindaVigil.com


Montana's greenest and only solar powered straw bale recording studio

  • Strawbale Studio is a solar powered, completely off-the-grid recording studio. It was built with, you guessed it... straw bales. And you guessed it again... it runs off power supplied by the sun. Built by hand by Greg Grant in 1994 it is one of the first eco-friendly / sustainable / solar powered recording studios in the world.

  • Because of it's unique construction and location in the middle of the forest, there is a very special atmosphere here. This is a place where the rules can be bent, broken or rewritten. The vibe here is musical rather than technical. We realize, though, that recording is a technical process and we have the technical savvy to insure that what is recorded here is, in fact, totally awesome.

  • Located in northwestern Montana, surrounded by woods, it is an easy one hour drive from Glacier Park International Airport or 45 minutes from the Whitefish Amtrak / Greyhound stations.

  • We offer affordable rates, the coolest, laid-back engineers and a peaceful and relaxed place to create and capture music! To talk to someone about booking the studio or for more information about the eco-friendly building techniques used in the construction contact us!

My Life In An Off The Grid Solar Powered Pyramid

A documentary by Greg Grant and Linda Vigil.

In this 51 minute documentary Greg talks about how to build a straw bale solar powered house and the benefits for living off the grid.